Bring Tropical Latin Music to your Wedding reception, Festival or Corporate Function. Perfect for Indoors or Outdoors.

Cuban Son, Colombian Cumbia, Cha-cha-cha, Chicha, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa, Son, Rumba, Bolero.
The warmth of the nylon strung guitar, the bite of the electric guitar together with authentic Latin Percussion and traditional singing. That is the sound and vibe you get with Los Musicos.

Los Musicos have featured on TV and Radio:
BBC 1: The London Olympics | Channel 5: The Gadget Show | BBC 2: The Apprentice | BBC Radio 2: The Jeremy Vine Show

BBC 2 The Apprentice London 2014

Channel 5: The Gadget Show Birmingham 2013

Tropical Chicha and Cumbia: Carmen, Se me perdio la cadenita, Chichester 2022

Los Musicos Live Party Band: "Ceja de Selva (Chicha)" at El Vermut, London 2020

We pride ourselves for allowing diverse audiences to enjoy a wide variety of rhythms and songs from Latinamerica and the Caribbean. Follow the VIDEOS menu for us featuring on TV and live venue videos. Also for our Latin Music Videos produced during lockdown. The latest one is a cover of The Peanut Vendor (El Manicero)

Allow us to take you into a world full of "Latin and Salsa" sounds and let your audiences experience an ocassion Full of Soul Tropical Music.

Most public venues will not allow a band on stage without a valid Public Liability Insurance Certificate. We hold a £10 million PLI Certificate issued by The Musicians' Union for our client's peace of mind. We can provide a copy of our Certificate on request.

We are quick to respond, use the Quick Contact menu to get in touch.

Please check some Client Testimonials at the bottom of our Last Minute Musicians listing.


Sometimes our clients and fans ask us about CDs and recordings. Well good news!, Now you can visit our Bandcamp page to download our original compositions or scroll down for our Spotify player. Buy songs from £0.75 or "pay-what-you-want" to support us: Los Musicos Bandcamp


So what is it that makes Tropical/Latin music such a different and interesting musical style, and so suitable for parties, events and celebrations? We think the secret is its power to transport the listener to an "exotic world". Described as attractive or striking because colourful or out of the ordinary, the exotic element of Tropical Music is obvious. All the musical styles in Latin America and the Caribbean originate from a rich mixture of African elements (Rhythm, instrumentation, believes, thematics) with indigenous (native people of the Americas before the European colonisation) and European elements (again, their own instrumentation, themes and styles).

For this year, 2023, we have produced a special video performance for Celebrating Sanctuary Birmingham: Bitesize Digital with Los Musicos.

To learn more about our music styles, you can check the BBC Bitesize about Latin Music.

You can also check this interesting article about the history of Latin Music in London.

For more information about our Latin Jazz Guitarist Juan Carlos Arenas musical activities in South West England, Bristol and Wales.

T: 07910 213954

Los Musicos London Latin Band kept going during the lockdown time across the UK. We collaborated remotely to produce amusing videos (covers and originals) of our Latin and salsa Music repertoire. Please visit our Facebook page to enjoy our collaboration videos. Browse our Instagram for our most recent entries about Latin and Salsa music performances across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Los Musicos Latin and Tropical band is versatile and can bring that special sparkle to a party or underline your aims when you are putting on a show, corporate event or Chilli Festival.

We have years of experience playing at weddings - during the reception, at drinks or when it is time for dancing the night away!. We can play as a duet, trio, quartet or five piece salsa band. The duo is ideal for that special touch of a "Serenata" (serenade) for your loved one. Traditionally the musicians arrive un-announced under the balcony of your dearest and play one or more "boleros".

La Gloria Eres Tu (Famous 'bolero'. We are playing by the river Thames, London)

As a Latin Music duet, we can play a few tunes in a Gypsy Jazz Style. The 3, 4 or 5 piece provides a punchy sound that goes well as background music (during drinks at weddings) or as the main act in a World Music Festival.

Some of the Latin musical styles included in our extensive repertoire: Bolero, Son Cubano, Traditional and modern Cumbia, Peruvian Cumbia also known as Chicha or Psychedelic Cumbia, Merengue, Cha-cha-cha, Balada, Bossa nova, Tango, Rumba, Ranchera, Mexican Corrido. We do not dress as a Mariachi Band, but we play some of the Mariachi repertoire.

Also a few more traditional and less well known rhythms like the Colombian Currulao. Please contact us if you would like a comprehensive list of tunes or let us know if there is a song from the Latin American repertoire which you would like us to play at your event.

Please contact us with your requirements (the number of guests, venue size, type of occasion, date, etc) and we will tailor the appropriate Latin and tropical music service for you. We are based in London and Bristol but perform across the UK and Europe.

Below a list of some of the Latin Hits we play. Check the Youtube videos of most of them by clicking the song name

Perhaps, perhaps (Cha cha cha)

Guantanamera (Famous Cuban Song)

Son de La Loma (Cuban Son)

Ceja de Selva (Amazonic Cumbia)

Caminito Serrano (Peruvian Cumbia Chicha)

Girl from Ipanema (Bossa Nova)

Besame Mucho (Romantic Bolero)

Sleepwalk (1950s by Santo & Johnny)

Patricia (Mambo)

Cerezo Rosa (Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White)

Carinito (Chicha from Peru)

Baja del Monte (An original composition in the Colombian Bullerengue style)

La Paloma (Cucurrucucu Paloma)

Donkey Knows Better (Original by Los Musicos and friends)

The Peanut Vendor (El Manicero - Cuban Music)

The Chicken (Latin Funky Music)

Besame Mucho | Contigo En La Distancia | La Gloria Eres Tu | Los Aretes de la Luna | Cucurrucucu Paloma | Obsecion | Perfidia | Al Vaiven De Mi Carreta | Bilongo (La Negra Tomasa) | El Carretero | El Cuarto De Tula | Guantanamera | Chan Chan | La Mujer de Antonio | Son De La Loma | Sin Documentos | Amo Y Esclavo | Poronponpero | Bamboleo (Gipsy Kings) | Dominican Republic Merengue | Ojala Que Llueva Cafe | Los Mangos Bajitos | Cha-Cha-Cha | Quizas, Quizas | Quien Sera | Carmen (Se me perdio la cadenita) | El Gallo Tuerto | El Pescador | Festival En Guarare | La Cumbia Cienaguera | La Mucura | La Pollera Colora | La Piragua | Pepe | Caminito Serrano | Ceja de Selva | La Danza de Los Mirlos | The Girl From Ipanema | Lloraras | Micaela | Oye Como Va | Black Magic Woman (Santana) | Fragilidad (Sting) | Light My Fire (The Doors) | I wanna be like You | Yo Vengo A Ofrecer Mi Corazon (Fito Paez) | Sin Documentos (Andres Calamaro) | Maria Maria (Ricky Martin) | Smooth (Santana) | Black Magic Woman (Santana | ) Despacito (Luis Fonsi / Justin Bieber) | Macarena (Gypsy Kings) | Volare (Gypsy Kings) | Bamboleo (Gypsy Kings) | La Bamba (Los Lobos) | Lambada | Mambo n5 | Tuyo (Narcos Theme Song) | Bailando (Enrique Iglesias)